Alderwood Water & Wastewater District

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Starting/Stopping Service

Purchase or Sale of a home


If you are purchasing or selling a home, please notify the District by mail, fax, email, or by completing the online property transfer form.  Please include the following information:

·         Date of purchase/sale

·         Property address

·         Name of buyer/seller

·         Seller’s forwarding address/ buyer’s mailing address (if different than the property address)


If the home you are purchasing does not have water service, please call our billing department at 425-787-0220 to inquire how service can be restored.


Requesting to Cancel Service – Temporary Vacancies

If you are not selling your home and would like to discontinue service, please call or email our billing department to request to lock your meter.  Locking the meter will stop billing from the date the meter is locked.  There will be a fee of $25.00 to lock the meter and we will need up to 3 business days advance notice to unlock the meter if you want to restore service.  There is a fee of $25.00 to have a meter unlocked.

Rental Properties



Please click here for more information.