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District Overview


Where does AWWD’s water come from?

Our water is purchased from the City of Everett and comes from Spada reservoir, located at the headwaters of the Sultan river about 30 miles east of Everett. The Spada Reservoir, created in 1964 in partnership with

the Snohomish County PUD, holds about 50 billion gallons of water. From Spada Reservoir, the water travels through a pipeline to the City of Everett Treatment facility

Spada Lake, the source of Everett and AWWD’s water, is in which watershed?

Spada Reservoir is in the Sultan Basin Watershed. A watershed is a geographic area where all precipitation drains into a single body of water. In the Sultan Basin Watershed, rain and snow melt from the Cascade Mountains flow into Spada Reservoir. The Sultan Basin Watershed covers an area of about 84 square

miles and is one of the wettest watersheds on the west side of the Cascade Mountains. The average rainfall is about 165 inches, or 5 times our local rainfall. To protect the naturally pristine water in Spada Reservoir, water quality in the Sultan Basin is carefully monitored.

What is a special purpose district?

A special purpose district is a local government agency that provides a specific service, or purpose, to the citizens it serves. Where cities and counties are typically funded by taxes, special purpose districts are usually funded by charging directly for the services

they provide. Like cities and counties, special purpose districts are governed by a board of elected officials. These officials are usually called commissioners.

How many commissioners does AWWD have?

AWWD has five elected commissioners.