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Paying My Bill

There is a wide variety of ways to go about paying your bill. The chart below should help you determine how to best make your payment.

Easiest & Most Efficient:

Pay Online 24/7: Pay using VISA, MasterCard, Discover, Check, PayPal, Paypal Credit, Venmo, and Amazon Pay. You can also set up automatic payments so you never miss paying a bill.

Pay by Phone 24/7 Toll Free: 1-866-899-1313 – VISA and MasterCard are accepted.
MailPlease mail your payment to:
Alderwood Water & Wastewater District
PO Box 35113, Seattle, WA 98124-5113
Drop Off a Payment 24/7Deliver your payment to the drop box outside our fence at:
3626 156th St. SW, Lynnwood, WA 98087
You can pay using a check, money order, and/or cash.
District Office To visit our office in person, please refer to our office hours on the Contact Us page.

Past Due Bills

Bills are due 21 days after the bill date and if a bill is not paid by the due date, it is considered past due.

Depending on the length of time an account balance is past due, further collection action could include late fees, past due notices, disconnection notices or possible service interruption. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide the District with current and correct mailing information.

If your bill is past due or your water service has been disconnected and you need financial assistance, please see our FAQ page or call a customer service representative at:

Phone: (425) 743-4605

Payment Arrangements

Help Paying Your Bill

Any account holder that is having financial difficulty and is unable to pay an outstanding balance when due; may establish an extended payment arrangement with the District if the account meets the eligibility requirements. Terms are made on a case-by-case basis and must be in writing, agreed to by both parties and signed by the customer to be valid.  If you are a tenant, the landlord must also authorize the payment arrangement.   District staff is not authorized to verbally extend due dates or make verbal payment arrangements. We also offer Senior/Disabled Low-income Discount Programs which could help lower future bills.  Please call us at (425) 743-4605 for help to determine if you qualify for one of these discount program or extended payment arrangements.

Community assistance is also available and may be able to help you if you are unable to pay an outstanding balance when due.  You can visit our FAQ page for a list of assistance organizations. Please plan ahead and allow extra time to work with an outside organization to ensure payment arrangements or payments made are received by the account’s due date.  Pre-planning now will help avoid service disconnection and additional charges.