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The following is intended to assist developers, contractors, consultants, homeowners, and property owners with the Service Connection application process. If your project has been approved by the District, the steps below will highlight the permit application process.

Customers Transferring an Account:

Please click HERE to fill out the Account Transfer Form.

How to request a service connection


The first step is to complete the Request for Service Connection (Water/Sewer) form listed below. Return the completed request form to All email correspondence will be from this mailbox. We suggest that you add it to your contact list.


You will receive a confirmation that we have received your order. Once your request has been processed, you will receive a second email from with your order number and total amount due.


When you are ready to pay for your service connection this can be done three ways:

  1. Online:  online here.
  1. Mailing the check to our office:
    3626 156th Street SW
    Lynnwood, WA 98087
    Note: Please include a note with your name, email address and phone number with your check (a “Post-it” or other sticky note is OK).
  1. Dropping off the check in our drop box outside the gate on 156th Street SW.
    Note: Please include a note with your name, email address and phone number with your check (a “Post-it” or other sticky note is OK).


The District’s customer service staff will email you a copy of your service order to sign via docusign.
Note: Please include a note with your name, email address and phone number with your check (a “Post-it” or other sticky note is OK).


Once you have purchased your side sewer connection order and are ready to connect, please call (425) 741-7980 at least one business day in advance to schedule your inspection. If a pre-construction meeting is needed prior to inspection, call at least one week in advance.

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How do I connect to water or sewer services?

Refer to the detailed steps on the Service Connection page.

I submitted an Application for connection to water or sewer and have not received a response. What should I do?

Responses can take 3-5 days or more. You can also check your Junk Email folder. It may have been categorized as SPAM. If you do not find it there, please call 425-743-4605 to confirm that you Application was received.

Can I request connection to water or sewer online?

No. The District does not have an online request system. Requests can be made by email at You can download it, fill it out, and email it to

I am having an issue with the request form, who can help me?

If you are having trouble using our form, please call us at 425-743-4605 and ask for Engineering and Development Services.

How long will it take to complete my request for connection?

Service connection requests are completed on a “First In – First Out” basis and our expected response time is typically 3-5 business days.

How long does it take to install my meter?

Please allow 2-3 weeks after purchasing your service connection for water meter installation. For questions on meter installation status, please call 425-787-0250.

What does it cost to connect service?

There are multiple factors considered when calculating costs to connect. Please call us at 425-743-4605 and ask our Engineering and Development Services for costs specific to your property.

Why do I need a side sewer permit?

A side sewer permit is required for working on or installing side sewer connections and sewer pipes outside of the building, including repairs, adding connections, or capping. The permit is required for documenting the work that has been done. Once the permitted work is inspected, the permit documentation is placed on file at the District office.

When can I start work on my side sewer?

You can begin work after your side sewer permit has been purchased.

What type of pipe and fittings are used in my side sewer installation?

For the construction standards, please visit: Select Working With AWWD, Development Standards, Side Sewer. However, do not do any of the physical work until you have purchased your side sewer permit.

What is a General Facilities Charge?

A General Facility Charge (GFC), also known as a connection charge, is collected on new connections to ensure everyone pays their “fair share” towards ongoing maintenance and long term replacement of facilities.

Why do I need to call 811 before I dig?

Calling 811 is the law and is the federally designated “Call before you Dig” number that helps people avoid damaging utilities such as water, electricity, natural gas, and communications. Calling 811 two business days before you begin digging will alert utilities to come out and mark their buried lines for free! For more information, please visit 

What is the King County Capacity charge?

The capacity charge: 1) Helps King County cover the costs of sewer improvements, 2) Supports expansion projects needed to serve new growth, 3) Does not exceed the cost of capital facilities necessary to serve new connections to the sewer system. Newly connecting customers are directly billed by King County for the capacity charge. For more information visit King County Web Site

Who pays the capacity charge?

Properties in King County’s service area whose home or building was connected to the King County sewer system on or after February 1, 1990, pay the capacity charge. King County provides Sewage treatment services to most cities and sewer agencies in King County, areas of Snohomish County (which encompasses 80% of AWWD customers), and a small part of Pierce County.