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Director: Paul Richart

The Engineering & Development Department provides efficient, customer-oriented planning and engineering services that assist in planning, designing, building, replacing, improving and expanding water and sewer facilities for the District.

Planning Program

The Planning Team develops and prepares the comprehensive sewer plan and the comprehensive water plan.  This includes coordination with WSDOT, Snohomish County, the five City’s served by the District, and the adjacent water and sewer districts.  The Planning and Capital teams work closely to develop and implement the plans providing for the long-term needs of the District.

Capital Improvements Program

The Engineering Team maintains the source of information regarding all technical aspects of the District’s water and sewer systems. This includes designing and managing the District’s capital improvement projects.

In any given year, AWWD employees embark on numerous capital improvement projects as well as hundreds of routine field jobs – activities aimed at meeting the District’s mission of providing customers with a clean, reliable water supply, wastewater treatment services and water resource management.

AWWD engineers apply their knowledge of scientific principles on a daily basis to devise plans and designs to ensure that AWWD’s complex system of pipelines, pumps, wastewater facility and related facilities work together smoothly as an integrated system. The beginnings of all Alderwood projects start in the minds of our engineering team.

Development Program

The Development Services Team assists developers, engineers and private property owners build water and sewer projects. Development Services Staff determines Compliance with District standards through plan check and review, and the necessary steps to approve, construct, install and/or annex new facilities into the District. Our Development Technicians provide information relating to service availability, facility installations, fire flow, water pressure, pipeline extensions and plan check submittal information.

The Development Services Team is here to support our customers through all phases of the development process. Development services can provide all the tools and information needed to connect to the District’s water and/or sewer services. The District’s goal is to help process your project in the most efficient manner possible and provide our customers with direction to meet the District’s requirements.

Construction Management Team

The primary role of the AWWD’s Construction Team is to ensure that contractors and developers working on water and sewer infrastructure installation comply with District standards, industry standards, regulatory requirements and contract requirements. The team accomplishes this by inspecting water and sewer installations, participating in the plan review process, witnessing tests, proper documentation, coordination with developer, contractors, and other agencies. 

The Construction Team at the District is involved in new and on-going construction projects from inception or plan review to final completion and acceptance. Warranty inspections are also performed.  At any one time, there may be over 50 developer extension projects underway.