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Flushing Water Mains

To maintain water quality and keep pipes clean, we run pressurized water through water mains in a process known as “Flushing.” 

Customer tips

During Flushing in your area

  • Try to keep your water turned off
  • Avoid running hot water to keep sediment out of your hot water tank
  • You may experience reduced water pressure

After Flushing

  • If there is discoloration in your water, open your front hose bib or the lowest faucet in your house until the water runs clear.

Benefits of flushing

  • Maintain water quality
  • Remove sediment from pipes
  • Minimize discoloration and odors
  • Test valves and hydrants
  • Check water pressure

General Information

  • Usually performed as preventative maintenance
  • It lasts about 30 minutes, but could be as long as an hour
  • We open a fire hydrant to run pressurized water through the main
  • We use valves to control which water mains will be flushed