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Director: Heather Earnheart

The Maintenance and Operations Division is responsible for the operation and ongoing maintenance and repairs of all aspects of the water distribution system. This system consists of four pressure zones consisting of approximately 660 miles of pipeline, two water pump stations, one booster station, eight storage facilities, and over 57,000 water service connections   

The Maintenance and Operations Division is also responsible for the operation and ongoing maintenance and repairs of all aspects of the wastewater collection system. This system consists of give basins served by 12 lift stations, three wastewater treatment agencies (King County, the City of Everett, and the District), approximately 440 miles of pipeline, and over 42,000 wastewater service connections.

Water Quality

Reliable and safe tasting drinking water is having a great water source combined with proper water treatment. Equally important is ensuring the water stays safe as it travels within a complex system of storage tanks and water main lines before finally being delivered to homes and businesses. The Water Quality Department works daily to monitor pH and Chlorine throughout the entire distribution system, along with regular sampling for bacteria and disinfectant byproducts, so you can be confident that the water is not only safe but also exceeds industry standards.

Alderwood Water & Wastewater District not only supplies clean, safe drinking water but also has a comprehensive Cross Connection Control program to identify any facility or home that may pose a hazard to the public water system. Whether its new construction, or an existing home or business, we work diligently to find these hazards using a combination of water use surveys, plan review and on-site visits.

In this department we set a high standard of customer service, so you can turn your faucet, bathtub, garden hose or irrigation system on and can be confident that clean, fresh and safe water is immediately available. In the unlikely instance that an issue is discovered – whether it be low/high pressure, a taste or an odor, or even air or discoloration, our Water Quality Technicians are readily available to respond and assist you.

Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Picnic Point Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF) provides wastewater treatment service for residential, commercial, and industrial customers in the Alderwood Water and Wastewater District (District). The existing facility has been upgraded from 4 million gallons per day (mgd) to 6 mgd to support the growing population and wastewater flows as well as to provide for redundancy, flexibility and operability.  The PPWWTF treats approximately 16% of the wastewater generated by District customers.   The influent loadings to the PPWWTF consist of residential, commercial and industrial wastewater

The Picnic Point WWTF is a membrane bioreactor (MBR) plant. The liquid stream process elements include fine screening, vortex grit removal, MBR secondary treatment, ultraviolet (UV) disinfection, odor control system, and standby power generation system. The solids stream elements include centrifuge dewatering and heat drying to produce a Class A biosolids. There is odor control for both the liquid and solid stream processes