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Shower vs Bath

On average 7 gallons of water is lost per day through shower heads that do not meet current standards. Learn ways you can save water and money.

To see how much water you use while taking a shower, close the drain before you start showering. When you are finished, check to see how much water is in your tub. If it is more than you would use for a bath, then maybe a bath is a better conservation method.

But if you prefer showers, you can check to see how much water your shower head is using. Take a bucket and mark it at the one-gallon level. Put the bucket under the shower head to catch the water, and time it for 24 seconds. If the bucket is filled to around the one-gallon level, your shower head is working just fine. If it is more than one-gallon, installing a new low-flow shower head will save water.

Alderwood Water & Wastewater District offers free water efficient water heads at our main office. You must be an Alderwood Water & Wastewater Customer. This offer lasts only as long as supplies last.